The purpose of using outriggers is twofold:

  1. Bait presentation more baits in the water covering a larger area.
  2. Proudly display your fishing flags.

Precision Marine Hardware has developed advanced outrigger systems, Premium and Econoline, both suited for a variety of applications and conditions. Our outriggers feature fiberglass sticks with stainless steel hardware.  Both outrigger packages include all mounting hardware, starboard wedges, shock cords and full rigging. 

Premium Outriggers
#201 15 Hawaiian Outriggers,  Side or Deck Base
#202 18 Hawaiian Outriggers,  Side or Deck Base
#203 20 Hawaiian Outriggers,  Side or Deck Base
#204 22 Hawaiian Outriggers,  Side or Deck Base

Econoline Outriggers
#302 12 Outriggers, Side Base
#303 12 Outriggers, Gunnel Base
#304 12 Outriggers, T-Top Base


Precision Marine Hardware is the home of The Maximizer which broadens your outrigger coverage. The Maximizer extends the position of your outriggers from their original 45 position by adding 60, 75 and 90 positions.

The Maximizer
#501 Maximizer


How It Works
A 15' outrigger at 45 degrees extends 10, 3 outside the width of your boat.  With the Maximizer, a 15' outrigger positioned at 90 extends 15 feet. A gain of almost 5 feet on each side.


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